Hire People Who Argue, And Be Wary of Yes Men

Avoid Hiring Family and Friends

When I first started my business, I hired primarily family and friends. I thought they had the skills I needed to get things going and since we already had a previous, positive relationship, it made sense to bring them on board. It felt good to be surrounded by supportive people, especially when first starting out with my business venture.

Build a culture of honesty and transparency

It starts at the top: as a leader, if you don’t leave yourself open to criticism, how can you expect others to be forthcoming with their feedback? And if your employees are focused on keeping you happy (and your fragile ego intact), how can you expect them to air out any festering problems?

Hire those who excel in constructive confrontation

Confrontation doesn’t come easily to most. In fact, we’re hard-wired to avoid it, especially as social harmony could mean the difference between life and death — at least in the prehistoric, mammoth-hunting days.



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Joel Landau

Joel Landau


Joel Landau (http://joellandau.com) is an experienced healthcare professional in the NYC community.